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Christa Buckel

Dean of Students

Mrs. Christa Buckel is SCA's middle school Bible and History teacher and serves as the Director of the Middle School. She graduated from Georgetown College with a major in Political Science and minors in both History and German. She received her Master of Arts in Teaching from Asbury university with an endorsement for teaching middle school as well as ESL to K-12. She received Praxis' "Recognition of Excellence" certificate for being in the top 15 percentile of scorers in the nation for the social studies test while working on her MAT. She has subbed since 2012 in many of Lexington's private schools, taught fourth grade 2015-2016, and has been teaching middle school at SCA since 2016...and loves it! "I went to a private school, and want to give my students the same excellent quality education I was given, as well as to instill a lifelong desire to pursue God. They are amazing and have so much potential. I can't wait to see how they will impact the world for the Kingdom of God. I love seeing them grow and mature into loving and responsible young people." Mrs. Buckel is married to her husband, Micah, and she has a cat named Fig Newton. She hopes her students remember they are loved by God, are full of His purpose, promises, and power, and there is no limit to what they can do with Him for His glory with their lives.

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