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Dean of Students

Mrs. Christa Buckel is SCA’s middle school Bible and History teacher and serves as the Director of the Middle School.  She graduated from Georgetown College with a major in Political Science and minors in both History and German.  She received her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Asbury University with an endorsement for teaching middle school as well as ESL to K-12. She received Praxis' "Recognition of Excellence" certificate for being in the top 15 percentile of scorers in the nation for the social studies test while working on her MAT.  She has subbed since 2012 in many of Lexington’s private schools, taught fourth grade 2015-2016, and has been teaching middle school at SCA since 2016 . . . and loves it!  “I went to a private school, and want to give my students the same excellent quality education I was given, as well as to instill a lifelong desire to pursue God. They are amazing and have so much potential.  I can't wait to see how they will impact the world for the Kingdom of God.  I love seeing them grow and mature into loving and responsible young people."  Mrs. Buckel is married to her husband, Micah, and she has a cat named Fig Newton.  She hopes her students remember they are loved by God, are chalk full of His purpose, promise, and power, and there is no limit to what they can do with Him for His glory with their lives.


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Christa Buckel

Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Holtzclaw has been married to Brad Holtzclaw for over 35 years and has 3 daughters and 2 sons-in-law. Her faith journey began when she was only 5 years old and heard the message of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross because of His great love. She is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and has a degree in Psychology with a Developmental Psychology emphasis. She worked for the state of Kentucky doing children’s social work for 8 years. The value of Christian Education became a passion for her when she and her husband felt burdened to enter their children into a Christian school. She has served Summit Christian Academy for more than 20 years in many capacities, including as a teacher, guidance counselor, and assistant principal.

“I enjoy my students and consider it to be a wonderful blessing and privilege to instill not only a love for Art into them, but to also teach them to love God. He is our creative inspiration and designed us to be creative; we should seek to honor Him through our creativity,” 

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Karen Holtzclaw

Office Manager

Mrs. Anna Carnevale managed an office for 7 years before becoming a stay at home mom.  She and her husband, Mike, have 4 children who attend Summit.  Anna grew up in Lexington and received her degree in vocal performance from Asbury University. Then she and her family lived in Ohio where they pastored a church and Anna homeschooled her children from 2002-2017 before moving back to Lexington. She has been on staff at Summit for 3 years. When we asked her what she hopes the students remember most about her she said "My love for Jesus"

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Anna Carnevale



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Preschool Director

Rachel Osborne

Preschool Assistant Director and Teacher

Mrs. Kelley Murphy Wheeler is the transitional kindergarten teacher and the SCA Preschool Assistant Director. Mrs. Wheeler was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky and attended the University of Kentucky where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. She has worked in the area of Social Work for many years prior to coming to Summit in March 2011. She believes all children are a gift from God and each one has special gifts and talents. Her love for children and her desire to serve the Lord led her to the teaching profession. "There is no other place on earth like Summit Christian Academy. I feel truly blessed to be part of such an amazing Christian-based school".

To see more about Mrs. Wheeler's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/bzIRIiOr7us

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Kelley Wheeler

Pre-K 4's Teacher

Cheri Murphy is one of our Pre-K 4 teachers and she does a fantastic job. She graduated from the University of Ky with a degree in nursing. And before teaching she worked as a pediatric nurse for 18 years at the UK Children's Hospital. She has been married to Dallas Murphy for 32 years and has two children; Dallas is 26 and Bethany is 21. She says they're a little crazy and have five dogs! She likes most foods but does not have a favorite food. She enjoys traveling, reading and listening to most genres of music. Cheri has been substitute teaching at Summit for 5 years, and worked as a preschool assistant for the past two years before taking on a classroom of her own last year. She enjoys teaching preschool and her favorite thing is watching how excited and proud the kids feel when they learn something new. She hopes her students remember to always follow Jesus and that we had fun learning. 

To watch more about Mrs. Murphy's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/iaSvsUkOtkA

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Cheri Murphy

Preschool 3's Teacher

Ms. Crystal Ball is one of the preschool teachers at Summit Christian Academy. She has spent many years teaching and coaching young children. This adventure started back in 2001 as an assistant teacher at a local art museum in Huntington, West Virginia. After college, she moved to Lexington, Kentucky, in 2006 and began a career in Graphic Design. She then came back to teaching in 2011 as a lead preschool teacher. She realized her love for children and the desire to see them excel in every aspect of their lives. Recently, she went back to school and completed her early childhood training. " I do not take what I do every day lightly. I believe that every day here at Summit Christian Academy we are impacting young lives in a positive way. As those young lives grow and mature they can go out and be world changers for Christ."

To see more about Ms. Ball's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/2Q6fnFNZSfI

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Crystal Ball

Pre-K 2's Teacher

Elizabeth Brunetti

Pre-school Assistant Teacher

Joanne Shuman

Pre-school Assistant Teacher

Jennifer Ogata

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Elementary School (K-5)


Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Shannon Cox teaches Kindergarten at Summit Christian Academy. She has thoroughly loved teaching in the Christian school environment for 13 years. She graduated from Morehead State University with a Bachelors in Education in 1997. Mrs. Cox is certain a Christian education will prepare students to face issues they may encounter in life as it teaches them to seek God's guidance through His Word. She also believes students will become more successful academically as a result of learning from a Biblical perspective. It is her hope that her students will see the love of Christ in her every day and that they can know Him better as a result. Shannon has been married to her husband, Brad, for 22 year