Faculty and Staff



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Dean of Students and Guidance Counselor

Nathan Sharp

Mr. Nathan Sharp is Summit's Dean of Students and Guidance Counselor.  This is his second year as a teacher at Summit.  He graduated from Asbury University and Asbury Theological Seminary. His favorite part of teaching is making connections between the class material and life, gaining a greater appreciation for the beauty of creation and the skills God has give each student, and encouraging life-long learning and growth. When he's not spending time with his wife, who is also a teacher, some of Mr. Sharp's favorite things to do are reading non-fiction books, trying new foods, and spending time outdoors.  He also likes to write. Mr. Sharp hopes his students remember that the opportunity to learn and grow in knowledge and character is a gift, one we can receive daily for the rest of our lives.  And that a relationship with God is the primary source of joy and satisfaction.

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Office Manager

Anna Carnevale

Mrs. Anna Carnevale managed an office for 7 years before becoming a stay at home mom.  She and her husband, Mike, have 4 children who attend Summit. Anna grew up in Lexington and received her degree in vocal performance from Asbury University. Then she and her family lived in Ohio where they pastored a church and Anna homeschooled her children form 2002-2017 before moving back to Lexington. She has been on staff at Summit for 4 years.  When we asked her what she hopes the students remember most about her she said, "My love for Jesus"

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Kristin Hobbs

Kristin Hobbs has been working Summit's receptionist since June of 2020.  She is a graduate of  the University of Kentucky and enjoys working at Summit because it is a faith-based environment.  A fun-fact about Kristin is that she is a black belt in Aikido and has been trying since 2005.  She says, "I hope the students of SCA know that I care about them and want to help them succeed in school and in life"

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Office Assistant and Yearbook Editor

Jane Margaret Aguhob Childress

Jane Margaret has been working and volunteering as office support staff for 2 years at Summit. Before becoming a mother, she worked for University of Kentucky Medical Center for 16 years as a Patient Relations Assistant in several departments throughout the years.  She attended Baylor University and University of Kentucky.  She enjoys working in office work, answering phones, making copies, scheduling events, customer service, creating documents and spreadsheets, etc.  She is married to our athletic director, Jason Childress, and they have 3 children, Rick, Eulalia and Declan.  She has been the Handbell Director at her church for the last 7 years and played handbell's since she was 10 years old with her family.  She enjoys cooking, baking, crafting and sports in general.  When we asked her what she hopes the students remember about her, she said, "I hope students know that they can come to ask me anything and hope I am able to accommodate them.  I want to be helpful, in general, to all the students, parents and their families."





Preschool Director

Rachel Osborne

Mrs. Rachel Osborne is in her second year at Summit Christian Academy. She has a bachelor's degree from Western Governors University in Business Management and she worked for Jefferson Country Public Schools for 12 years. She is also an Ordained Minister in the Assembly of God. She loves spending time with her husband, Scott and their two adult sons, Chris and Justin, and Cortney their daughter-in-love. Some of her favorite things are: spending time outside gardening, being around water (lakes and beaches are my favorite), traveling, and scrapbooking. 
Rachel has worked with children in various setting for the past 30 years including being a Children's Pastor for 7 years. She has a passion to see children learn and thrive. She says, "Children are like little sponges that soak in all the information their teachers are teaching them. I love seeing their faces light up when they learn something new. My favorite thing I love to see is when a child realizes the need to ask Jesus into their heart. Children are world changers. Jesus even said, 'Anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.' My hope and prayer for every child at Summit Christian Preschool is that they will grow mentally, physically, and spiritually."
Rachel hopes that each child will remember their time in Summit Christian Preschool as a time they were loved, felt safe, had a lot of fun, but most of all they learned about Jesus.
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Preschool Assistant Director and Teacher

Kelley Wheeler

Mrs. Kelley Murphy Wheeler is the transitional kindergarten teacher and the SCA Preschool Assistant Director.  Mrs. Wheeler was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky and attended the University of Kentucky where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Social work.  She has worked in the area of Social Work for many years prior to coming to Summit in March 2011.  She believes all children are a gift from God and each one has special gifts and talents.  Her love for children and her desire to serve the Lord led her to the teaching profession.  "There is no other place on earth like Summit Christian Academy.  I feel truly blessed to be part of such an amazing Christian-based school".

To see more about Mrs.Wheeler's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/bzIRIiOr7us

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Preschool 4's Teacher

Cheri Murphy

Cheri Murphy is one of our pre-K 4 teachers and she does a fantastic job.  She graduated from the University of KY with a degree in nursing.  And before teaching she worked as a pediatric nurse for 18 years at the UK Children's Hospital.  She has been married to Dallas Murphy for 32 years and has two children; Dallas is 26 and Bethany is 21. She says they're a little crazy and have five dogs!  She likes most foods but does not have a favorite food.  She enjoys traveling, reading and listening to most genres of music.  Cheri has been substitute teaching at Summit for 5 years, and worked as a preschool assistant for the past two years before taking on a classroom of her own last year.  She enjoys teaching preschool and her favorite thing is watching how excited and proud the kids feel when they learn something new. She hopes her students remember to always follow Jesus and that we had fun learning.

To watch more about Mrs. Murphy's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/iaSvsUkOtkA

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Preschool 4's Teacher

Kimberly White

Mrs. Kimberly White is in her fourth year as a preschool teacher but this is her first year at Summit. She recieved her certification and master in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education through the University of Kentucky.  Her bachelors degree is from Asbury University in Elementary Education.  As a student at Asbury she received the Roy L. Lauter Servant Leadership award for her work with the children at Nathaniel United Methodist Mission.  Mrs. White says she enjoys being creative and seeing her students creativity come out as well.  She really enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking and camping.  She used to play soccer and basketball and her favorite food is fish tacos. When asked what is the one thing she hopes her students remember about her, she said, "I hope to instill in my students a love for books."

To see more about Mrs. White's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEOwHG4tl7U&t=8s

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Transitional Kindergarten

Crystal Ball

Ms. Crystal Ball is one of the preschool teachers at Summit Christian Academy.  She has spent many years teaching and coaching young children.  This adventure started back in 2001 as an assistant teacher at a local art museum in Huntington, West Virginia.  After college, she moved to Lexington, Kentucky, in 2006 and began a career in Graphic Design. She then came back to teaching in 2011 as a lead preschool teacher.  She realized her love for children and the desire to see them excel in every aspect of their lives.  Recently, she went back to school and completed her early childhood training.  "I do not take what I do every day lightly.  I believe that every day here at Summit Christian Academy we are impacting young lives in a positive way.  As those young lives grow and mature they can go out and be world changers for Christ."

To see more about MS. Ball's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link: 


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Preschool 3's Teacher

Elizabeth Brunetti

Ms. Elizabeth Brunetti has been teaching preschool for 9 years.  She has been with Summit the past 4 years. She received her bachelor's degree from Western Kentucky University and is now working on her master's degree from University of Cumberlands. She said her favorite part of teaching is, " integrating God's truth into every subject, showcasing God's diversity in his creation and making learning fun." Ms. Brunetti has a son, Noah, who attends middle school at Summit. She also has 3 grown step children. She was raised in Kentucky and loves NYY baseball.  Her favorite drink is coffee. Lavender is her favorite smell.  And she loves the pool and ocean. We asked her what she thinks her students will remember most about her, and she told us one of her students said, "you always smell like coffee or lavender." But she hopes they will also remember "I make school fun, and to be fruity (the fruit of the spirit)"

To see more about Ms. Brunetti's classroom please click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr_oLoS_ygI&t=1s

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Preschool 2's Teacher

Pat Mahan

Mrs. Pat Mahan is in her first year as a teacher's assistant.  She grew up and went to school in Austin, Indiana and received a bachelors degree in Human Services.  Her favorite part of assisting in preschool is seeing those little curious faces when she reads to them. She has been married to her husband, Chris, for 31 years and they have two daughters, Farrah, who is married, and Trinity, who attends Summit as a 10th grader.  Mrs. Mahan also serves Summit as the volleyball mom for the high school volleyball team and the tennis coach.  She says Summit feels like a family to her and when asked what she hopes her students remember about her, she said, "I pray that the students remember me as someone who loves them and that they know Jesus love them too."

To see more about Mrs. Mahan's classroom please click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61yG_VwVe9s&t=1s

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Preschool Assistant

Jenalee Lashbrook

Jenalee Lashbrook is one of Summit's preschool assistants.  This is her first year working at Summit and she says her favorite part is, "The children! They brighten my day and make me laugh everyday." She has been married for 13 years and her two children, Stella and Lincoln, also attend Summit as students. Jenalee said one of her favorite pass times is to read! When we asked her what she hopes her students remember about her, she said, "I hope they know I love them and care deeply and that they (children and staff) make my life better." 



Preschool Assistant

Gabby Erwin

Gabby Erwin is our new teaching assistant in the two-year old class.  She says she loves teaching in preschool because, "To the preschoolers, everything is new and fascinating! Watching them discover and learn about the world around them is one of my favorite parts of the day. I hope my students will remember how much they are loved and that I love their hugs everyday!"




Kindergarten Teacher

Shannon Cox

Mrs. Shannon Cox has been teaching in a christian school setting for 12 years and this is her 6th year at Summit. Shannon attended Moorhead State University where she obtained her Bachelors Degree in Education.  She says her favorite part of teaching is, "the new family I gain each year. I love my students and enjoy getting to know them and their precious families." Mrs. Cox has a dog named Molly and two turtles named, Orlando and Flash.  She is the youngest of 6 children. There were 3 girls and 3 boys. She has now been married to her husband, Brad, for 21 years and they have 3 sons and a daughter in law.  Shannon says, "One thing I hope my students learn while in my classroom is to know they are loved by me and by our Father in Heaven! I also would like them to learn to live out Colossians 3:23. ' Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters'"


Kindergarten Teacher

Hannah Halbert

Ms. Hannah Halbert is in her first year of teaching at Summit Christian Academy, but before teaching at Summit, she worked as a Kindergarten Assistant and Preschool Assistant in the public school system. She graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2017, Cum Laude. Her degree is in Family Sciences with a minor in Education. Her favorite part about teaching is watching the children soak up all the knowledge. She says, "I love being able to be part of their education journey!" When Hannah is not teaching, she is either walking her dog, watching a movie, or spending time with her family. She is also very involved in her church. When we asked her what she hopes her students remember about her, she said, "I hope my students remember how encouraging I was to them!"


First Grade Teacher

Kaitlyn Sipe

Mrs. Kaitlyn Sipe has been teaching 1st grade for 5 years, but this is her third year at Summit.  She graduated from Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania.  She says, "I love the moment when a student 'gets it' with a complete mastery of a concept he or she has been diligently working on.  You can see and hear a new level of confidence and expertise that they will carry with them forever."  She is also a huge lover of children's books.  She loves to share new stories with the kids and find new favorites based on their interests each year.  Some fun facts about Mrs. Sipe are that she was originally from Hershey Pennsylvania and she is a Starbucks lover.  She is married to Brian, they have a dog name Kooshball, they love all things Disney and usually visit Disney World once a year.  When we asked Mrs. Sipe what she hopes her students remember the most she said, "I hope my students remember that God is the one true constant no matter what happens.  He is with them no matter what and His plan is perfect. I hope they remember that learning is full of adventure and fun. There is no limit to how much you can learn as long as you try your hardest and do your best." On the first day of school, Mrs. Sipe always tells her first graders that "I can't" is not a phrase we use in the classroom, instead we say 'I will try".

To see more about Mrs. Sipe's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/Kd_rfpPAyms

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Second Grade Teacher

Nora Cardona

Mrs. Nora Cardona is the second grade teacher and loves working with Summit Christian Academy's elementary students in reading to explore what God wants them to know about Him and who He wants them to be.  Mrs. Cardona believes that reading is the gateway to being educated in other subjects and encourages her students to love reading.  She began her teaching career in her early 20's as a preschool assistant and she returned to college to earn her teaching certificate in Early Childhood Education to continue in a career in education. Nora earned her B.A. in Physical Education, emphasis on Athletic Training, from Whittier College, CA, and her ECE Certificate from Cerritos College, CA.  She is currently re-certified in elementary education through ACSI. Mrs. Cardona has been married to her husband, Jehoshaphat, for 24 years and they have two children, Elianna and Elijah.  She also has a Pomeranian Chihuahua named Honey.  Mrs. Cardona says her favorite part of teaching is witnessing a child's progress in their learning throughout the school year, seeing those "light bulb" moments, but most of all "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." 3 John 1:4.  Mrs. Cardona hopes that her students will remember that she loves them in the love of Christ and that she cared deeply about every facet of their education, especially that God should permeate every aspect of their lives and thoughts."

To see more about Mrs. Cardona's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0poueQHPdbQ

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Third Grade Teacher

Stephanie Nickel

Mrs. Stephanie Nickel is the third-grade teacher at Summit Christian Academy. She is in her 21st year of teaching in a Christian School setting, she seeks to present Christ as Savior and Lord of all.  Her desire is to impact the world for Christ through the lives she touches in her classroom.  Mrs. Nickel received her BA in Elementary Education and her Master of Elementary Education from the University of the Cumberlands.  She enjoys gardening and crafts, and her favorite food is Mexican; however she could possibly survive on dark chocolate.  She says, "One of the strangest, if not funniest, facts about me is that one Christmas I decorated my house with 22 Christmas trees!" Her immediate family includes her husband of 10 years and 2 meowing fur-babies, Gracie and Cougar.  She hopes her students enjoy learning, grow closer to the Lord, and know that she loves them.  "The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to serve Him as I teach His precious children to see themselves and the world from His perspective.  I pray as I love on His children, that a ripple effect begins, and these same children grow in His wisdom and grace to impact others for His eternal kingdom."

To see more about Mrs.  Nickel's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link: https;//youtu.e/lZz7LWOaiTc

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Fourth Grade Teacher

Kara Watkins

Mrs. Kara Watkins is the fourth grade teacher at Summit Christian Academy.  She has been educating hearts and minds in Christian schools for the past 10 years.  She graduated from Georgetown College in 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.  She also received her Master's degree in  2017 from Georgetown College in Teacher Leadership with an endorsement in literacy.  Mrs. Watkins believes teaching in a Christian school prepares the students to be lifelong learners of God's Word and academics.  She believes teaching students to search out God's will for their lives is of utmost importance and guides them in this search.  Mrs.  Watkins is married and has a daughter and a son. She loves to cook and really enjoys teaching her preschool aged daughter how to cook.  It's one of their favorite things to do together.  Mrs. Watkins says, "I pray that upon leaving my classroom the thing they remember the most is that I love them and, even more, I pray they know that God loves them."

To see more about Mrs. Watkins classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link: https;//www. you've.com/watch?v=iVul4MO

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Fifth Grade Teacher

Sarah Beth Flynn

Sarah Beth Flynn has been teaching fro 12 years. She has an Associate's Degree from Mid-America Christian University and a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Ministries from In Christ International Bible College.  Over the years, she has taught a wide age range of students from Pre-K up to 12th grade. She has worked in both public and private schools; and taught in the mainstream classroom as well as working with Special Ed.  The majority of her career as an educator has been teaching 7th-12th grade students in private Christian Schools. Before coming to Summit, she spent six years as a classroom teacher teaching Spanish, Computer, Anatomy and Health, History, and Speech. She says her favorite part about teaching is, "the impact we are able to make in our students lives. Teaching is not a job to me.  It is my calling, and I treat it as a ministry to my students.  Of course, I teach them all the required subjects, but my desire is that they leave my classroom having learned so much more.  I want them to know that they are loved by an amazing God who wants to be involved in their daily lives.  It is my goal to nurture the student's entire being.  In my classroom, they will grow academically, emotionally, and spiritually." Mrs. Flynn hopes her students will always remember her love for God and for them.  She also hopes they never forget that they are a "mighty warrior and the Lord God is with them!" 
To see more about Mrs. Flynn's classroom please click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klrV4wLJi0Q

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Math and Science Teacher

Marie White

Ms. Marie White teaches middle school Science.  She has taught for over 30 years and has been at Summit Christian Academy for 9 years.  Marie graduated high school from Lafayette High School and continued on to Northern Kentucky University where she received her Bachelors degree.  Ms. White says her favorite part of teaching is, "when the students are excited about learning something new in a lab setting." She hopes the thing they remember about her most is, "That I cared about them and we sometimes had some good laughter.  But mainly I want to point them to Christ and remind them that He is the only answer for anything in life that they may come up against."

To see more about Ms. White's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/wwn4ZO-PU8O

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Language Arts Teacher

Henry Canine

Mr.  Henry Canine is currently in his third year of full-time teaching, both in his career and at Summit.  He earned his high school diploma from Christian Academy in Carollton, KY and his bachelor degree in history from Asbury University.  He was the valedictorian of his high school class.  While at Asbury, the graduating class of 2015 selected him to be their class chaplain.  He says his favorite part of teaching is without a doubt the new and unpredictable interactions with the students that come along with each passing day.  A funny fact about him is that he was literally dragged to his first choir practice at church by the organist due to his indecisiveness.  He hopes that his students remember his passion for stories and that such stories can open the door to finding joy in learning.

To see more about Mr. Canine's classroom and curriculum please watch his video by clicking on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rMihgPHZ6O&feature=youtu.be

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Bible and History Teacher

Christa Buckel

Mrs. Christa Buckel is SCA's middle school Bible and History teacher and serves as the Director of the Middle School.  She graduated from Georgetown College with a major in Political Science and minors in both history and German.  she received her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Asbury University with an endorsement for teaching middle school as well as ESL  to K-12.  She received Praxis' "Recognition of Excellence" certificate for being in the top 15 percentile of scorers in the nation for the social studies test while working on her MAT.  She has subbed since 2012 in many of Lexington's private school, taught fourth grade 2015-2016, and has been teaching middle school at SCA since 2016...and loves it!  "I went to a private school, and want to give my students the same excellent quality education I was give, as well as to instill a lifelong desire to pursue God.  They are amazing and have so much potential.  I can't wait to see how they will impact the world for the Kingdom of God.  I love seeing them grow and mature into loving and responsible young people. "  Mrs. Buckel is married to her husband, Micah, and she has a cat named Fig Newton. S he opes her students remember they are loved by God, and chalk full of His purpose, promise and power, and there is not limit to what they can do with Him for His glory with their lives.

To see more bout Mrs.Buckel's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/tLqNcawcY3O

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Math and Science Teacher

Kristina King

Mrs. Kristina King is a happily married mother of 4 and Nana of 2.  Her youngest is currently attending elementary school at Summit.  Her formal education includes an Associates degree in Computer Electronics Technology and a Bachelor's degree in general education with an emphasis on engineering Physics.  Both degrees were earned at EKU where she served as Student Body President/Student Regent.  While a student she completed a NASA training program at Kennedy Space Center and was 1 of 2 U.S. student delegates to the International Astronautical Congress.  Following graduation she worked for the Common wealth of Kentucky for 6-7 years where she earned a national certification as an Economic Development Finance Professional.  She was also recognized with an Award for Continuing Excellence by the Cabinet for Economic Development; and was later named Kentucky Admiral by the Energy and Environment Cabinet while working as the Program Manager for the division of Biofuels.  God planted the seed in her heart to teach years ago when she worked with a grant program through the Science & Technology Corp. to increase Math and Science aptitude in the Appalachian area.  She says, "I am blessed to have had our Father lead me to teach at Summit and hope my students will remember that God has the solution for every problem, mathematical or otherwise.

To see more about Mrs. King's classroom and curriculum please watch her video by clicking on the following link:  https://youtu.be/A7uERrOFpHg

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English and History Teacher

Darian Wharton

Darian Wharton is new to Summit this year.  She graduated from Asbury University where she majored in English and Mathematics.  She says one of her favorite parts of teaching is, "when students share their own ideas. They are starting to discover the power of ideas and develop their own opinions.  I especially love trying to get my students to write papers.  It can be like pulling teeth, but they normally have some great ideas coming out."  Mrs. Wharton is married to her middle school sweetheart; they were together 9 years before getting married. They have two cats: Natalie and Vlad. Mrs. Wharton loves hiking, reading, and traveling.  She has travelled to 5 countries and hopes to travel to many more.  She loves almost any ethnic food, with spaghetti being a childhood favorite.  She says she's most known in her family for being a terrible baker!  When we asked her what she hopes her students most remember about her, she said, "I hope my students remember that I expected a lot from them, because I knew they could do a lot.  I also hope they remember that I tried to help whenever they needed it."



Bible Teacher

Travis Hewuse

Pastor Travis Hewuse has taught Bible at Summit for 3 years.  He is also the Lead Pastor of Lexington First Assembly. He graduated from North Central University with a Music Performance degree and Bible minor. He is currently working on his Master's Degree in Theology from Global University. After earning his Bachelors, Travis was a tour musician for Sara Grovers, taught 45 private music students and was the music and drama teacher for Lincoln Christian School in Tulsa Oklahoma.  In 2010, he and his wife moved to Lexington to serve Lexington First Assembly as the Youth and Music Pastors.  Travis became the Lead Pastor in 2017.



Athletics Director

Jason Childress

Jason Childress is Summit's Athletic Director and Gym teacher.  He has been teaching for 3 years and graduated from Brescia University in Owensboro, KY.  He was selected to officiate 2 boys Lacrosse State Championship games for 2019 and Girls Lacrosse State Championship in 2017.  His favorite part of teaching is encouraging students to meet their potential.  He is married to his beautiful wife, Jane Margaret, and he has two boys and a girl, ages 22, 6, and 2 years.  He spent 8 years in the Navy as a Radio Man.  And he has officiated and coached several sports teams over the last 30 years. He is an umpire with the Bluegrass Barons in the 1869 Vintage Baseball League under the alias of "Chilly".  They have played on two major league baseball fields and on local TV Broadcasts.  When asked what he hopes his students remember about him, Mr. Childress says, "I want my students to remember me for being fair and helpful to them in their education."

To see more about Mr. Childress classroom and curriculum please watch his video by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/bGMMEi_i2Y

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Music and Art Teacher

Tammy Bicknell

This is Mrs. Tammy Bicknell's first year teaching. She graduated from the University of Kentucky and she says her favorite part about teaching is, "Seeing the fruit from my labor and getting to know the students" She has a dog named Ladybug and enjoys spending time outdoors in God's creation, gardening and hiking.  She also enjoys art and has decorated her home with many of her own original pieces. When we asked her what she wants the most for her students she said, "That they know Christ as their savior and that they are saved at a young age."


Spanish and Computer Teacher

Frankie Baldwin

Miss Frankie Baldwin is in her second year of teaching. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berea College in May of 2020 where she received her degree in Spanish. While at Berea, she worked as a high school peer mentor and as an editorial assistant for a literary quarterly. She also co-wrote and co-directed a theatre performance in conjunction with Berea College and her home high school. She says her favorite part of teaching is, "when students are able to make larger connections between what they are learning and the greater world. It is very meaningful for me when I see that students are able to relate their earning with what is happening in their own lives." Some interesting facts about Miss Baldwin is that she loves telenovelas (Spanish soap operas). She also loves to craft -- knit, sew, paint, build, create! Traveling is one of her favorite hobbies, and she has been to nine countries so far! When we asked her to choose one thing that she hopes her students remember about her, she said, "I would hope that they would remember that I made them each feel special, unique, and valuable."

To see more about Miss Baldwin's classroom please click on the following link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNbMJc9RHD8&t=5s

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Teaching Assistant and After Care

Christina Oaks

Christian Oaks teaches in our after care program. She received her education at Summit Salon Academy and has been a board certified cosmetology  for almost 9 years. She loves being able to chat about  life in general with her students and having open discussions with them. Some fun facts about Mrs. Oaks are that she had a neon green Mohawk once, she loves to sew and play the ukulele, and she loves pickles or fried pickles. She got married in 2018 and had a son February 2020 and they have two cats named Noodles and KitKat. When we asked her what she hopes her students remember about her, she said, "I always try to teach on life and showing empathy, but I think my students will remember me by my goofy stories or pranking them. I do hope they will take what I say and one day put them into practice on loving your neighbor and being understanding of others feeling and emotions!"