We know that academic excellence is one of the reasons why parents send their children to Summit Christian Academy and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Our curriculum is designed to provide our students with a solid foundation that will help them to compete well in the challenging environment that awaits them in high school and college.

In order to verify that our students are progressing and academically competitive with other students in the country, we administer the TerraNova Achievement Test annually. Historically, our school consistently has scored in the upper third nationally on standardized testing. In addition, many of our individual students typically score in the 90th percentile and above.

The use of the TerraNova test is just one of several measures that we take to assess the effectiveness of our curriculum and teaching methods to ensure academic excellence.

National Top 1/3rd

Many of our students score in the 90th percentile and above

TerraNova Test


Growth through nurturing

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