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Music Class covers a range of topics including basic theory, rhythm, singing, music history, and the biblical/christian foundations of music. Each class studies the full variety of topics appropriate to their grade level. Two Music Recitals are given each year. 


SCA begins Spanish in sixth grade with Introduction to Spanish. However, fourth and fifth-grade teachers introduce basic Spanish terminology early to increase awareness and acceptance of multicultural differences. 


Students build upon their knowledge of elements of design, art history, art appreciation, art criticism, and art techniques annually.Collaborative art projects with Social Studies, Science, or Language Arts taught each semester, help the students bring even more creativity to each subject. Fourth through eight grade get involved in at least one community project each year to display their talents. Eighth grade students use all that they have learned and begin to focus solely on photography and digital art. 

Physical Ed.

Sports skills and physical fitness are the focus in each PE class for all grade levels. Classes are held in our gym or lovely treed area outside of the gym. For school wide fitness events such as Field Day, nearby Southland Park and

Hill-n-Dale are the perfect setting within walking distance. 

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