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Our History

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Our Objective

To develop in all students, a sound academic foundation and a discerning Christian character that will empower them to succeed in higher education, vocations, Christian service, citizenship, and leadership.

Our Mission

To provide a Christ-centered educational experience for each family, focusing on a Biblical approach to academic, social, and physical issues

Summit Christian Academy first opened its doors in 1986 as Assembly Christian School. Enrollment that year was approximately 80 students in K5-12th Grade.

Over the years, the school has grown in enrollment and expanded its facilities. 

Lexington First Assembly sponsored the inception of Assembly Christian School 

and continues to support it today. In the year of 2004, the Board approved to start a preschool program as a part of the school. In 2009 the school changed its name to Summit Christian Academy.

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Our Vision

SCA instructs students to follow biblical precepts,

developing spiritual maturity. We train students for leadership, enhancing their awareness of physical fitness, and teaching them to serve one another all while providing an education of excellence.

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