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Karen Holtzclaw

Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Holtzclaw has been married to Brad Holtzclaw for over 35 years and has 3 daughters and 2 son-in-laws. Her faith journey began when she was only 5 years old and heard the message fo Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross because of His great love. She is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and has a degree in Psychology with a Development Psychology emphasis. She worked for the state of Kentucky doing children's social work for 8 years. The value of Christian Education became a passion for her when she and her husband felt burdened to enter their children into a Christian school. She has served Summit Christian Academy for more than 20 years in many capacities, including as a teacher, guidance counselor, and assistant principal. "I enjoy my students and consider it to be a wonderful blessing and privilege to instill not only a love for Art into them, but to also teach them to love God. He is our creative inspiration and designed us to be creative; we should seek to honor Him through our creativity."


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