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We know that academic excellence is one of the reasons why parents send their children to Summit Christian Academy and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Our curriculum is designed to provide our students with a solid foundation that will help them to thrive once they complete high school and move onto college.

In order to verify that our students are progressing and academically competitive with other students in the country, we administer MAP Growth annually. MAP is a computer adaptive test that students take throughout the year to assess their overall academic growth and achievement. Teachers can use MAP scores to monitor the success of individual students and develop classroom-level strategies for personalized instruction that helps maximize each student’s learning potential. 

The use of the MAP testing is just one of several measures that we take to assess the effectiveness of our curriculum and teaching methods to ensure academic excellence.

Partnership with Duke TIP

The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a nonprofit organization that has served over three million academically talented students in grades 4–12 since it was founded in 1980. Collaborating with educators and parents, TIP helps gifted students assess the extent of their academic abilities with above-grade-level testing, recognizes them for their achievements, and provides them with a variety of enrichment benefits as well as accelerated face-to-face and online educational programs. In addition, TIP is constantly conducting research into the educational, emotional, and social factors impacting the lives of gifted children, and then sharing this research and related advice with our program staff, educators, parents, and the greater gifted community.

Partnership with
Asbury University

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