Dedication to the Arts


Summit Christian Academy offers a wealth of opportunities for students to study and practice the arts because it is an essential element in expanding a person's approach to problem-solving, to aesthetic enjoyment, to other people, to life itselft.

Fine Arts Programs:


Art classes for Preschool – 8th grade

Art Appreciation credit is offered in High School.

Art clubs are offered after school for elementary grades, middle school and high school. Art exhibits are planned throughout the year.


Music classes are offered for Preschool through 8th grade with two presentation programs a year. 


SonShine Choir is for kindergarten – 4th grade students. This choir practices after school and presents throughout the school year.

The Messengers is a choir for grades 5 – 12. This choir presents a wide range of pieces at school and outside the school though unique opportunities. 

Guitar Ensemble is offered after school. Beginning to experienced students are welcome to join this ensemble.

Drama club is a fun way to explore the performing arts. Drama is approached through a variety of methods.

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STEAM, is a science and technology based programoffered for our students as an after-school club.